Company Background

Miracle Global was founded in 2001 by Mira Salim and Leslie Kong. Mira is the daughter of Liem Sioe Liong (Sudono Salim), Founding Chairman of the Salim Group, Indonesia, which controls assets including Indofood, the world’s largest producer of instant noodles. Mr. Liem had passed away in June 2012.

With excellent supply connections, Miracle Global commenced trading in processed food products and various foodstuffs produced by affiliated suppliers in Indonesia – including the Bogasari Flour Mills and the Indofood Group. These items are presently distributed throughout Hong Kong and the mainland China.

The firm has expanded rapidly, both in terms of its business transactions and the nature of the goods and services it handles. For example, in 2009, following keen demand, the company started to trade in coal. That was followed in 2010 by the delivery of industrial tyres, and in 2011 by various items of construction equipment.

Still a young entrepreneurial venture, Miracle Global displays youthful vigour and energy in both sourcing and meeting the needs of its international clients.